Happy New Year from us

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2012 was a wonderful year for the FEET FAMILY, or DJ RIOT as we're also known.

TOF and I had so much fun in 2012, knowing that children thrive when their parents are strong. I absolutely adore my guy and that’s a great gift. The kids scream “euwwwwww” in unison when we kiss… which is often, but really it makes them feel secure. And hey, can I help it if I can’t keep my hands off my spunky bloke?

We’ve built a business together that is slowly but surely growing. Two stubborn, creative people have often butted heads in the office… but we’ve learnt to resolve our differences more quickly in 2012. Mostly we enjoy feeding off each other creatively.

Our boys are thriving. I especially love having a teenager in the house, and am excited by the prospect of having more over the years.

Our extended family is precious to us, and now includes our “borrowed daughter” Amelie who lived with us for 2 months, and my ex-husband who has a key to our house and uses it often. We are blessed really… our family and friends feed our spirits and support our dreams… and we thank them for that.

TOF and I went on a great adventure in 2012… It was one we took alone initially, but one we now share. Vipassana. The 10-day retreat we attended was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but the benefits have been profound. The connection we feel to ourselves, our lives and each other continues to deepen each day, along with our meditation.

We've taught it to the children, and regularly meditate with them. We believe teaching our sons to meditate and self-reflect in a detached manner is the greatest thing we will do as parents.

In 2012 our house was filled with music, laughter and people. We do enjoy our parties and BBQs.

I got a 2-book deal… very excitement much.

We’ve watched our sons do marvellous things.

R: Got his black belt this year, which is a massive achievement for an 8-year-old. With it came a leap in maturity. He is a fabulous little tap dancer, plays bass and drums, and has just blown us away with his long distance swimming skills.

I: First year of high school was a roaring success, especially socially. Whatever this kid has, I wish I could bottle it and make a fortune. Music is his passion. His rock band has gone from strength to strength, ending the year playing at Peats Ridge Music Festival.

O: While the other 3 boys are scattered creative types, this kid will manage them all. He’s the accountant in the family and has excelled in school and his piano studies. I think he’s grown a foot over Xmas, and will be next cab of the rank with the girls.

T: The youngest member of our clan has had a year of discoveries. He discovered he can talk non-stop for hours on end. He discovered he can play drums, likes gymnastics and… most wonderful of all… can swim. That’s a recent discovery and one that’s developing every day.

We are excited about 2013. TOF and I have numerous projects we’re working on, together and individually. But mostly, we’re just happy and loved…

What more can one ask for?

May your life in 2013 be filled with light, love, laughter, lots of adventures… and a healthy dose of spice.