Gundagai… with kids

Looking thrilled to be in 43 degree heat.
Looking thrilled to be in 43 degree heat.


There’s a track winding back to an old fashioned shack… along the road to Gundagai…

The road to Gundagai for me was the Hume Highway, in 43-degree heat, in a Tarago with five males. If you’ve ever been in a car with five males, chances are you’ve opened the window a lot to let fresh air in. However, you’re caught between a rock and a farty place when the “fresh air” outside is on par with the fires of hell.

Gundagai was our first stop south on our January road trip. (I’d already driven north from Sydney to Ballina return.) Located on the Murrumbidgee River between Sydney and Melbourne, Gundagai is a classic little Aussie town, surprisingly pretty. It’s famous for The Dog on the Tuckerbox, which is actually found 10 kms north of the town, just off the highway.

If you’re driving by with kids, you have to stop. Every kid should see the Dog on the Tuckerbox, even if they don’t appear to give a toss about it when they’re there. (Did I mention the heat?) It’s an iconic Aussie attraction, with it’s roots back to Australia’s bush lore.

The tuckerbox precinct is nice, with plenty of shade and grass. They’ve kept the ugly multinationals away, but if KFC is your thing, I did notice it further up the road. Instead, the area around the Dog makes for a great “bring your own picnic” type stop. There’s a café and gift shop, clean toilets, and various statues and old memorabilia for kids to look at.

Other points of interest in the town are the Gundagai Railway Station and museum, the Dad, Dave, Mum and Mabel statues (explaining them to the kids is tough though), Gundagai Goal and the bushranger Captain Moonlite’s grave at North Gundagai Cemetery.

The Gundagai Historical Museum is filled with memorabilia of pioneer life and bushrangers. It also displays Phar Lap’s saddlecloth.

Gundagai is a great little stop on the Hume Highway Sydney to Melbourne route.