Getting from Johor Bahru to Melaka by bus


Before this trip I really researched the various bus companies in Southeast Asia. I wanted to make sure the buses we took with the boys were from reputable companies.


Our first longer bus trip was from Johor Bahru to Melaka in Malaysia. We boarded at the JB larkin   terminal, after taking the 170 from Singapore across the border, which I’ve blogged about here.
We’d prebooked our bus tickets on, giving ourselves plenty of time to get there. We decided on the KKKL express company, for no other reason that the buses looked in good condition in the pictures. To be honest I was more concerned with the state of the driving than the buses on this trip.
The KKKL express bus we caught was a double decker, clean, and the seats are wide and comfy. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a bus with such huge seats. Each seat couold recline, which was great. All of us had a nap.
The trip took under 3 hours and the bus driver stayed within the speed limit. The roads are excellent anyway. I think the only negative on the trip was the endless palm oil plantations on either side of the freeway. The boys have learnt about the palm oil industry so seeing the hundreds of kilometres of plantations was a real eye opener… Disturbing really.
We could’ve caught a bus from Singapore to Melaka, but by catching this bus from Johor Bahru we saved over $100. The boys enjoyed the adventure of this border crossing and we found it easy and safe. And the KKKL Express was great. we’d definitely use the company again.