Families Around the World — book review



Families Around the World takes a look at the lives of 14 different and quite diverse families from various countries and cultures. We meet Jane from England, Jean-Luc from Paris, Zahra from Saudi Arabia. There are characters from Brazil, Mongolia, Pakistan and South Korea… it’s an interesting choice of cultures.

We see multi generational homes, bi-racial homes, and families who practice different faiths. Sanne from the Netherlands has two mothers. Zofia from Poland has a brother in a wheelchair. But none of this is preachy. The book never feels like it’s trying to cram any political correctness or an agenda down your throat. On the contrary, it’s a wonderful book for children.

The author, Margriet Ruurs has used real families she’s met, and tells of a day in their lives together, from the perspective of one of the children. The events are never dramatic or overly exciting. It’s the simplicity that makes this book unique and quite beautiful.

I loved this book. Margriet Ruurs has done a great job bringing each family to life, and giving the reader an authentic look into each culture. Jessica Rae Gordon has illustrated it beautifully.

Families Around the World is definitely a book I would buy for the children in my life.

Kids Can Press

Margriet Ruurs

Jessica Rae Gordon

Families Around the World will be released September 1, 2014. I received a review copy from Netgalley.