Expat fiction for kids: The Daisy Diaries

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Itchee Feet’s exciting fiction range is perfect for TCKs, expats and global nomads. As The Expat Magazine Malaysia said,

“The Feet family and their various adventures are set to become bestsellers among expat children who have, up until now, been somewhat overlooked by the literary world…. Not only can these books encourage children to read more, they are also a superb way of helping children adjust to a life spent constantly on the move.” 

The latest addition to our lineup is the first book in The Daisy Diaries series, Daisy Diaries: Japan.

Daisy Feet has her world turned upside-down when her parents move her from Sydney to Tokyo.


Vital stats

NAME: Daisy Feet.

AGE: 13

NATIONALITY: Duel citizen. Expat kid. Confused.

CURRENT LOCATION: On a plane, somewhere over Japan. I can see Mount Fuji from the window. I don’t care if we slam into it. Instant death by national wonder would be a lot less painful than having to face what’s on the ground: a new life. Let me rephrase that. Another new life!

I don’t want a new life. I like my old one in Sydney. I had great friends, an amazing first boyfriend, and school was bearable. But now my parents expect me to start all over again in Tokyo.

I wonder if I can call child services from a plane.

It’s not easy being Daisy… but it’s always interesting. Experience Japan through the eyes of a truly well-travelled teen.

Part travel guide, part romance, a whole world of fun. Perfect for 9-13-year-olds.