Escape on Little Adams Peak, Sri Lanka


I’m a little behind posting these wonderful blogs from Katrina, who’s in Sri Lanka with her family… and not all has gone to plan. 🙂


1.1.2014  8:30am

Here I am on the first day of 2014 sitting on Little Adams Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka.  I woke early and wanted to start the year as I mean to go on. I climbed a little mountain, completely alone other than a stray dog that decided I needed company, and marvelled in the incredible view that nature had just put on a plate for me. It did seem odd that there was literally nobody there, I could have easily slipped down the rock face and nobody would have known a thing. I could have disappeared, just like that. Not that I wanted to, I was too busy enjoying the moment.

Also, I needed some space.

What do you do when you are travelling with your family and it is not going well? It is lovely and entertaining to be able to blog about how great everything is, but what do you do when it just isn’t great at all? I’m not saying that there haven’t been great moments. Believe me there have been plenty! But, it has been hard. I don’t know if we are just a product of our high stress Sydney lifestyle and we are just too uptight and need to relax, or if it’s the fact that the children are older and less pliable, but the bottom line is, everyone is fighting.

Our lovely pre-teen is angry. The evil twins are redefining evil, and Ballistic Baby (now 4), is so bad she’s pulling out all the stops. From now on I’ll refer to her as Beelzebub. The dad is trying to diffuse the brawling children and I’m trying to diffuse the dad. They are all doing my head in goddammit, but to be fair, I’m a nightmare too.

The standard of some of our accommodation hasn’t helped matters. My pampered hot bubble bath ladies cannot cope with the cold shower situation and scream like they are being murdered if I try to get them to wash. Beelzebub on the other hand has embraced the bathing conditions with gusto, and washes without even being asked. Preening and smug as she exits the bathroom, she casually strolls past the girls and punches one of them in the head. That goes down a real treat let me tell you.

At least when we discovered that rats in our room had chewed up our stuff, we didn’t fight. We are, if nothing else, united in our love of animals.


We left Arugam Bay on the east coast to head south because our eldest twin trod on a rusty nail on the beach in amongst the cow pats and the dog poo (seriously, you wouldn’t usually get that concentration of bacteria and god-knows-what-else outside of a lab).

Then, just to get the attention Beelzebub copied her. Despite the screams and protests, off we go to the local hospital for tetanus boosters and then, whilst there, the announcement came in that there was a cyclone/tsunami on the way and we are not safe!

You gotta be kidding me!

Arugam Bay was completely decimated during the 2004 disaster, so my only question was WHEN???? Needless to say we hightailed it out of our rat infested concrete box and headed for Tangalle in the south of the island.


A good friend of mine described travelling as a family “the best of times and the worst of times”, and I tend to agree. Tangalle is beautiful and right now I sense a change in the air. I see smiley faces, I hear my children laughing, I feel a relaxed vibe and all I’m thinking now is, let the good times roll.