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Journeys 9.12.2010

By Katrina Griffiths

Our bus driver tore along the highway, bound for Halong Bay, narrowly missing trucks, cars, motorbikes and other tour buses as he over took them. Other terrifying journey flashed before my eyes…

Like the Air India flight I took from Delhi to Goa when the pilot thought it would be a good idea to see if the plane could take off vertically like a rocket. The whole cabin shook violently, people threw up in fear, the cabin crew had a punch up (well it was more of a slap up really, much like the meal they served which gave us all food poisoning…) and then we landed at the wrong airport and had to do it all over again…

Or the bus trip to Manali when the bus driver raced around hairpin bends on the road that snaked up the mountain, very nearly tipping over the edge, sending us plummeting to our doom in the gorge below… It was a really close call.

Or the terrifying trip in the leaky boat in Thailand…

How did we handle those trips? Valium that’s how!! But you can’t knock yourself out when you’re travelling with kids. You really need to have your wits about you.

Fortunately the traffic was heavy so we couldn’t go too fast (a relief since we didn’t have seatbelts). I didn’t look out of the front of the bus. I figured if I couldn’t see where we were going, I couldn’t see a head on collision! Instead, I focused on my children. I spent the hair-raising time actually chatting to my girls… and it was really really nice.

One thing that bothers me about life at home is how busy I am doing all the things required in order to live our life… and how little time I have spare for the children. I am always with them, looking after them, and looking after the things they need in the day, but I rarely play with them. Life in Sydney is so hectic and I feel thoroughly swamped just like so many of us do.

So here I am absolutely loving the scary journey, finding out about what makes my girls tick these days. They are really very engaging and know a lot more about stuff than I thought. Who needs Valium eh? Travelling with children is intense, but when things are looking hairy, all you need to do is to focus on them, and have a good chat.

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  • Dell

    Lovely! Reminds me to stay in the present with my kids.