Discount vouchers–a test for travellers?

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Like everyone else around, TOF and I subscribe to various discount voucher sites like Living Social and Groupon. I keep an eye on the getaway offers, bought a couple of “go bowling with your friends and get jugs of beer” offers and once bought some sports bras.  Nothing particularly adventurous, until a few months ago when TOF bought a dinner for two at a Moroccan restaurant.

The day that we were booked for dinner arrived and TOF decided to check out the restaurant on eatability. The reviews were SCATHING!!!!!!!!!! The service was shocking for people dining on a voucher. And don’t bother ordering steak or fish because they’ll tell you they’ve run out. Don’t go… DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!!

We looked at each other in horror—should we go somewhere else instead? We make it a habit of having a “date night” once a week and it’s important to us. We didn’t want our alone time to be ruined by “the worst service in Sydney.”

“These reviewers do admit that the food is good.”

The thing I adore about TOF is that he’s adventurous. He makes lemonades out of lemons… and then he’ll add vodka. We have fun together.

“Forewarned is forearmed,” he said. “Let’s go and enjoy the horror of the place.”

So I got dolled up and TOF grabbed a nice wine, and off we went, ready for the worst… and we got it. The service was shocking. The owner obviously hated anyone with a voucher. Couples around us left because they’d been waiting for their meal for so long. They’d run out of most of the menu… at least anything slightly expensive. And TOF and I sat in the centre of all the chaos having a fabulous time.

“I love the décor,” said TOF.

“This wine was a good choice,” said I.

“I feel sorry for the owner. Don’t think he realized what he was in for when he signed up for Groupon.”

“He does look stressed.”

“Shall we go live in Morocco one day?”

“I’d love to.”

And so it continued until we got our meals 6 hours later and the food was actually good.

Eventually we left, paid for our coffees (which were extra) and smiled at the owner as he slammed his register shut and waved us off as one would an annoying fly, or case of Ebola.

Outside I linked my arm through TOF’s…

“I haven’t laughed that much in ages,” said TOF.

“I had a great night,” said moi.

And we did. It’s why he’s my perfect travel-mate. Together, we enjoy the moment. We don’t take it too seriously—does it really matter if the service is bad if we’re together and enjoying each other’s company? Nope. Instead, we laugh… we find the funny side and treat everything as a journey we’re taking together.

There are many ways one can travel.