Dev Niwas Heritage Hotel in Bundi

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We recently visited Bundi in Rajasthan, and stayed at the most glorious heritage hotel: Dev Niwas.

I loved this place. Loved it! Run by the extremely efficient manager Raj and a wonderful staff, this was the first (and only) place in India where I truly relaxed. Built in the 1600s it has been fully restored, and each and every detail is lovely. This Haveli is an oasis of calm, from the courtyard and open rooms below, to the fabulous rooftop overlooking Bundi palace above.

Bundi Palace… incredible history.
Bundi Palace… incredible history.

The service was impeccable. Raj is a true gentleman. We also met the owner who was visiting from Udaipur. What a nice man! He has hand picked his staff and each and every one of them is absolutely lovely. (He also owns a hotel in Udaipur, which some other guests told us is stunning.)

One of the rooms off the courtyard. Plenty of places to relax.
One of the rooms off the courtyard. Plenty of places to relax.

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The rooftop restaurant was great and the view of the palace and fort simply jaw-dropping. We ate at a couple of other restaurants but quickly decided that we’d rather stick to the hotel. (Especially after being asked if I wanted to buy hash at another well-rated restaurant! Does that always come with the bill?) Dev Niwas was the only place I never felt hassled.

We had a double deluxe room, which was spotless and huge. The bed was really comfortable. The linen was the nicest and cleanest we had during our whole trip.

This photo really doesn't do justice to this lovely room.
This photo really doesn’t do justice to this lovely room.

Raj set us up with Mr Bhati who is an excellent tour guide. We spent a fascinating afternoon with him in the palace. Definitely worth visiting the palace with him.

Mr Bhati… a fountain of palace knowledge.
Mr Bhati… a fountain of palace knowledge.

I was here with my other half and it was perfect for a romantic getaway in a chaotic country. However I also think this hotel would be a great choice for families. The kids would definitely love watching the monkeys play on the Bundi rooftops.

Bundi was the highlight of my India trip and a lot of that was because we stayed at Dev Niwas. Highly recommended.