Convicts, Castles and Champagne tour… with a kid

A happy 9-year-old after his birthday experience
A happy 9-year-old after his birthday experience

I took my son on a Convicts, Castles and Champagne tour. It was his 9th birthday and he’d asked for a fun experience instead of a present. He’s not an adrenaline junkie like some kids. He’s quirky, obsessed with history—Greek myths, Japanese samurai legends, Alexander the Great… and convict history.

While the Convicts, Castles and Champagne tour isn’t geared towards kids, it is exceptionally kid friendly for a day out like we had. I wouldn’t take a group of kids, or any child with a short attention span, but for those kids who are actually interested in boats and convict history, this is a fantastic day out. We had a wonderful time.

We boarded to tall ship at Campbell’ s Cove in the Rocks, and sailed the short distance to Goat Island. There, we had a buffet lunch—the best lunch ever as far as my son was concerned. Afterwards, we were taken on a grand tour of Goat Island, with Colin, one of the two guides. Colin is a fabulous storyteller, with a rich voice and theatrical bent. His tales of Goat Island were riveting.

Then it was back to the ship, for a cruise around the harbour. It was a stunning day, and I kicked back with a beer, while the birthday boy sat at the feet of the two guides, mesmerized by the landmarks they pointed out along the way.

The Convicts, Castles and Champagne tour was, in the words of my nine-year-old, “The best experience ever.” Okay, so “best ever” might be pushing it, but it was a really enjoyable one, and I’ll be recommending it for anyone visiting us in the future.