Comboyne, NSW… country shock!


You don’t go to Comboyne for the shopping or nightlife. The sleepy little village of Comboyne on the mid-north coast of NSW has a population of 200 (although there are 800 people living on the Comboyne Plateau). Comboyne is not an obvious choice for a family holiday, but it’s the perfect one for parents who are looking to give their city kids a dose of country culture… or “country culture shock” as was our case. (There’s cow shit everywhere in the country!!!!!!)

Comboyne is about an hour’s drive northwest of Taree, up a winding mountain road, 19-kms of which is gravel. The road can be narrow, and a challenge for anyone who suffers vertigo (like me… “Don’t go too close to the edge honey… ah can you move over… more?”), but the views are stunning.

The plateau itself is magnificent—rolling green hills and vast skies, lush natural reserves filled with waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife.

Grab a bit to eat at The Udder Cow Café. It’s on the corner of Main St and Comboyne St. I went in for a coffee and can’t help but think they were shocked to have a customer… But the coffee was good, and the café itself quirky and relaxed.

Make sure you buy some Comboyne Culture Cheese while you’re in town (cheese with altitude—funny!).  We bought the Lindsay Blue and the Camembert, and wish we’d bought more. Absolutely delicious.

Comboyne Country House is a good accommodation option for families, and I’ve bookmarked The Roundhouse for a future getaway with TOF.

I’d say Comboyne hasn’t changed a great deal since white settlement, 100-years ago, but that’s what makes it so lovely and worth the visit.