Colombo, Sri Lanka with kids


We love this time of year, because the Griffiths’ go travelling, and we get to post blogs about it. Katrina Griffiths is back blogging for us again. Long-time readers to the blog will know her from her travels around Asia with her four gorgeous daughters and one very patient (in my opinion) hubby/dad. This year, it’s Sri Lanka… I have three blogs already and believe me… they’re hilarious. Here’s number 1.


Of all of the fun and exciting things to do in the world, I think arriving in a new country tops the list. We have never been to Sri Lanka before, it’s a “first”, and 3 days in we’ve eaten 9 curries each. Oh the culinary delights!  So many delicious things to eat! Apart from the fabulous curries in plentiful supply, the beer is good and cheap and cold enough. Curries and beer… I’m gonna get fat.

One of my other favourite things is also in plentiful supply: tea. And I have landed in the land of the cup of tea, what bliss. As if all this weren’t enough, the milk here is non-homogenised. Does anyone remember back in the day when our milk arrived in glass bottles and the cream was on the top and how delicious that milk was? Those were the days before all our milk became homogenised and lost its unique flavour. They don’t do it here, so I can delight in a good cup of tea made with non-homogenised milk, and I couldn’t be happier.

The kids, well they couldn’t be happier either. In Colombo when they make a chocolate Sunday, they really go to town with it. Its heaven in a glass and the children practically lost it when the penny dropped, and they realised what’s on offer in this great country that we have just arrived in.


Just for fun (and to give the kids a good old dose of culture shock) we took them to the Pettah markets, a sprawling, heaving, fishy smelling area of Colombo where you can buy just about anything. I thought it was fabulous but the kids were completely overwhelmed.


The Old Town Hall was quite bizarre, but definitely worth a visit and I also loved the Dutch Museum. It’s is completely run down (why on earth nobody is throwing some money at the place is beyond me), but full of treasures left over from the Dutch period. It is completely original and more or less unrestored so it’s like a step back in time and incredibly interesting. In fact I think the dust might be the original dust too.

The Dutch Hospital, another historical site, has been beautifully restored and it is refreshing to see that some of these old buildings are being cared for so well.

Finally, we flew kites at the Galle Face Green which is totally recommended for kids.  All in all, Colombo has been great, and we’ll be back.