Cheap flights from Sydney to Siem Reap for $1333… FOR 6 PEOPLE!


The Challenge: 6 people, 5 grand and 4 countries.

But can we bring this holiday in under $5000? Is that possible for a family of six?

We believe so. But it does take some work. Starting with a cheap airfare.

I spent a few weeks searching flight options. I followed the budget airlines on their social media sites. I signed up to airfare alerts. I checked the websites each day. And I regularly checked various apps, my absolute favourite being MOMONDO.

Having such a limited budget we decided on two things very quickly.

  1. The best approach was to buy the first couple of legs of this journey, and see how much money we’re left with. (And if this budget is even realistic.)
  2. We will travel with carry-on only. This means we’re not paying add-ons to our budget airfares. I’m not a fan of too much baggage anyway, literally and figuratively. Each of our sons will travel with a small backpack… It keeps the costs down and gives us way more freedom while we’re on the road.

So, after all the research, did we get our flights?

We did. For a family of six, we bought a one-way flight from Sydney to Singapore… for $1074.

$1074! For six people!

In total? That’s right.

But as exciting as that is, it still only gets us to Singapore. Our aim is to get to Siem Reap. We don’t have enough time to do the whole trip overland both ways. We decided that it’s best to fly into Siem Reap and do overland out of Cambodia.

Depending on the airline that can add another thousand dollars to a very tight budget.

But then I found flights from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap on Air Asia. For six of us in total it was coming in at just over $300. Great. So I booked… and as I added each name into the booking… I unticked the added baggage cost… and the price began to drop.


In the end we secured our flights for the six of us from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap for $259.

In total.

The trip is in motion. We’ll spend time in Singapore, then Malacca and then Kuala Lumpur, before flying to Siem Reap.

Flights so far $1333 for six people.

But that’s just one-way. We still need to get home.