Can you really travel with kids?

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I used to joke that it was a toss up whether to have a baby or buy a dog. The baby won because you don’t have to put them in quarantine. (Although I have met a couple of kids who belong there.) The point is, I didn’t ever want to stop travelling, not for kids, not for anyone. Call me selfish but… yep, ok I am. But I also believe that sacrificing your passions and dreams for parenthood is the greatest mistake you can make. I agree when Jung said, “There is nothing more damaging to the psyche of a child than the unlived life of a parent.” So many people ignore their own dreams and desires once they have kids, and that’s an awful burden on the children—they eventually realize it. Children are the very reason you should live your life grandly. I have always been a passionate traveller, and sharing that with my children has been the greatest adventure imaginable.

Having children won’t stop you from travelling—but yes, it will alter the experience. So be prepared. Strangers will embrace you, small things you would’ve missed before kids (BC) will now delight you… but you won’t get to hang out all night in those smoky European bars (I never said parenting was all-good. Some things genuinely suck)

So anyhow, if you’re thinking of travelling with a child—go for it! If you already do travel with a child—congratulate yourself. Travel broadens the mind and the heart. It is an education in itself and to see the world through the eyes of your child is the most rewarding experience imaginable.