Betadine—a travel essential

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It’s no secret among my close friends that I’m EQ—Easily Queasy. I’m not into bodily functions and I faint at the sight of blood. You know the segments on Australia’s Funniest Home Videos where they show a montage of kids with snot hanging out their noses? Well I don’t find it funny. It makes me angry because I can’t eat for three days afterwards.
Much of parenting is downright disgusting, but all this is magnified ten-fold when you’re on the road. This section deals with staying healthy and safe while travelling with kids. Like any aspect of travel with children, be prepared, not scared.
I was prepared for grazed knees. I was prepared for bumps and scrapes. But I wasn’t prepared to witness my son slice his foot open on an oyster while we were swimming in the Danube—I had to lie down on a banana chair with a large vodka while friends dealt with him. Once I came round, I washed the wound with Betadine and taped it tightly for a week. His scar is now barely noticeable.

I never travel without Betadine. It heals all sorts of ailments and injuries. I can’t even tell you how many times this powerful antiseptic has come in handy on the road.

(Please note: The author has not received any incentives for endorsing this product, but is certainly open to hearing from Betadine. She does endorse stitching a wound if necessary, although not always for her own children.)