Bella & Burton Feet don’t go looking for trouble … but it always finds them. Follow the expat twins from country to country, from adventure to outrageous adventure, in Bella & Burton’s Misadventures.

For 7-11-year-olds, the first three books in the series are:







Australia – Lasseter’s Lost Gold



Bella & Burton travel a lot, but when Burton buys a map from a mysterious old man in outback Australia, they end up travelling further than they’ve ever gone before. Follow Bella and Burton as they uncover the legend of Lasseter’s Reef, in Lasseter’s Lost Gold.






Japan – The 47 Ronin



The twins now live in Tokyo, but Bella finds it difficult to make friends… until she visits an old theatre and meets Kitch. Never mind that he’s a dead samurai. Journey with Bella & Burton as they explore past and present Japan and meet The 47 Ronin






           India – Searching for Sita



Rama is searching for Sita and the twins find themselves in the middle of a battle of epic proportions.








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