Be prepared, not scared, when travelling with kids

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Pack a medical kit when travelling with kids. You always feel more confident with medicines you know and trust. You don’t need to pack a whole pharmacy—keep it simple. Take a small bottle of paracetamol, a thermometer, electrolytes, Betadine and band-aids. Any prescriptions you need, plus a confirmation letter from your doctor (if you’re travelling overseas).



If you’re heading off the beaten track, throw in some water purification tablets, anti-diarrhea tablets and an antihistamine. (An antihistamine is one of only two things I carry nowadays, as my 11-year-old is allergic to some animals. The other is Betadine.) Always check ahead if you’re travelling overseas, and see what is and isn’t allowed in each country. What may be sold over the counter at home, could have you hauled in at customs somewhere else.