Bali with kids – the ultimate wind down


Last year we followed Katrina’s adventures through Vietnam. This year she takes us to Indonesia, along with her husband and 4 daughters. Adventurous, hilariously honest, and inspiring. Enjoy!

We arrived in Bali after flying budget, which in hindsight I wouldn’t advise when travelling with a few kids in tow.  I think that once you have paid for everything you need to keep a family of 6 people fed, watered and entertained, not only is it better value to pay for an all inclusive flight, it is a lot more enjoyable. Although the staff on Virgin were nice, I don’t’ want to do that again. Once I step foot on that plane, I want to feel like I’m on holidays!



We checked into the 3V Hotel in Kerobokan and I just cant praise the place enough.  I searched the internet for “kid friendly accommodation” and found this boutique resort with 6 private villas each with its own plunge pool, and a kids club. 3V was fantastic, although I couldn’t take my eyes off our 2-year-old adrenaline junkie. The pools aren’t fenced and even though she cant swim, she thought the plunge pool was just perfect, especially in the nude at 6am. There were plenty of fun activities for the other kids, so they loved it too.

The resort is attached to a fantastic gym which run 42 classes per week, all included in the price of the villa. I thought this was such good value that I stupidly overdid it and couldn’t walk or lift my arms above my head for three days. Absolute agony!  But that didn’t really matter because we didn’t’ leave the resort. Who goes to Bali and stays put in their resort for 5 days?  Ok, we went up the road a couple of times for supplies, and went to dinner twice, but that’s it. We stayed put. Lets just say, we unwound, and set the tone for the following 7 weeks of travel in Indonesia.