Avoca Beach, NSW

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The Other Foot and I love Avoca Beach, on the Central Coast of NSW. I introduced him to this charming seaside village early on in our relationship, and it has been a favourite of ours ever since. It’s an easy drive from Sydney, even for the day, and we often meet friends there for picnics. The kids love the beach, with the lake at one end and the rock pools at the other.

It’s also perfect for an adult’s only escape, which we needed recently. TOF and I stayed at the Avoca Palms Resort, mainly because of its convenient location. The apartments are nice, large, clean and nothing too naf in the decor, although I’d advise on getting one at the front of the resort rather than the back, as ours had early traffic noise. I did have a moment when I wanted to shoot someone when the garbage trucks woke me one morning at 6am (I DIDN’T ORDER THIS ON MY KID-FREE MINIBREAK!!!!!!). However the massive spa bath built for two more than made up for the stress.

Avoca has a number of great restaurants and cafes, my favourite being the Avoca Sands, which makes an awesome hot chocolate. I spend a great deal of time tucked away in a corner there, writing and dreaming while TOF went surfing (and had some of the best surfs he’s had in ages, he tells me. The surf is small but fun, with a great friendly atmosphere.)

The Avoca Palms has a deal with a number of restaurants around town where you can drink, and they’ll drive you home. For those who want to take weird to the next level, book dinner at Rojo Rocket, a colourful Mexican joint, and get a lift home in a hearse.

Despite it’s size, there’s plenty to do in Avoca. The Avoca Beach Picture Theatre is an absolute gem, with a great selection of mainstream and arthouse films. And the nearby beaches and towns are definitely worth a visit. We spent a fabulous afternoon driving to the Entrance and then poking through Richard’s Old Bookshop, one of those delightful maze-like second hand and antiquarian bookshops that are a dying breed. Please visit and keep this one in business if you’re in the area. We scored some wonderful old travel books and spent the evening curled up with them, some Cheezels, pear cider and each other. What more do you want from a mini-break?