Ariel’s travel advice

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Time to introduce our next Itchee Feet guest blogger, Ariel Feet.

Ariel is an expat mum of five, currently based in Tokyo.

Tell us a little about yourself (and your family).

I LOVE travelling. It’s in my blood. My great, great Aunt is Victorian traveller, Alice Winterbottom. I was born Australia, and raised between Sydney and South America by my anthropologist parents. After a particularly nasty experience with a water parasite, I moved to London and began a life-long love of photography. My photographs have been shown in two galleries all over the world and are regularly used in magazines such as Horse and Hound and Dirtbike. I’m married to Frank and we have five kids, Freya (who recently left home), Daisy, our twins Bella and Burton, and Banjo.

I’m thrilled to be a regular guest blogger here at Itchee Feet. I’m no expert, but my experiences will surely show you how NOT to do things.

So you’ve travelled a lot?

Absolutely! I grew up all over the place, as have my children. Together, we’ve lived in ten countries and travelled extensively in-between. I live by the wise words of my great, great aunt: “No matter where you go, there you are.”

How do you prepare your kids for a trip?

I don’t. They’re so used to travelling that often I even forget to tell them we’re going somewhere until we’re on our way to the airport. They each carry their own bag, they know that once they’re on a plane or train that they’re there until we reach our destination, so there’s no point complaining.

Any travel tips?

Apart from always travel light? Drink… I know everyone always tells you not to drink on a plane, but why not? Where else do you combine high stress (travelling with kids) with free booze? I’m a really relaxed traveller … who’s to say that’s not at least partially due to the regular vodka sodas I toss back.

What’s the one thing you can’t travel without?

My camera.

Contact Ariel here at Itchee Feet with any travel questions.