Aqua Safe Straw—keeping your family healthy on the road

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One of the great concerns when travelling with your kids to some areas of the world is contaminated water. Traveller’s diarrhoea isn’t pretty, especially in a young child.

I recently came across a company called Sure Aqua, and the Aqua Safe Straw. I rarely get excited about a travel product. I’m the type who gets excited about travelling light; how many things can I travel without…? Now that’s exciting. But the Aqua Safe Straw is now on my packing essentials list. No more soft drinks over local water. No more Russian roulette with every sip. This lightweight, groovy-looking tube completely eradicates the chances of drinking water borne bugs.

The AquaSafeStraw uses microfiltration membrane technology, which filters out 99.9999% water borne bacteria and protozoa. It filters up to 500 litres of water, and has an immediate safety cut-off feature for when it doesn’t work any more. It’s completely chemical free, and has been tested by NATA.

In my opinion, the Sure Aqua Straw is one of the best investments you can make to ensure your family’s health while on the road.