Apa Kaba guesthouse in Melaka



In Melaka we stayed at the wonderful Apa Kaba guesthouse. It’s not for everyone, but perfect for people like me who would rather pass kidney stones than stay at a highrise resort. This quirky traditional Malay house has a range of rooms to choose from. We got two triples. One had three single beds and no aircon but very good fans. The other had a queen and a single, plus bathroom and aircon. The rooms were spotless, and they provide breakfast.

The perfect spot to write

I loved the gardens and the wonderful pagoda where other travellers hung out. We met an interesting Swiss couple who had been cycling around the world for two years. My oldest son hung on their every word.

Melaka is much larger than we expected and in that regard Apa Kaba was convenient to the centre, but it’s still not easy to find. Thankfully we met a lovely man in a chocolate shop who led this bedraggled bunch through the winding backstrets to the guesthouse. Best to get a taxi for your first visit, and learn your way around from there. Older kids won’t have a problem walking to the historic centreā€¦ young children will find it quite far.

Getting breakfast for themselves.
Getting breakfast for themselves.

Our stay at the Apa Kaba cost $30 per room, per night.

This is a highly recommended little haven for families.