Along the road to Gundegai…


By Katrina Griffiths

The first day of our holiday started in typical fashion, with some hiccups. My hungover husband collected the campervan from a very crowded Appollo office whose management had, in an inspired moment, only employed one person on the desk to deal with the first day of the Easter school holidays. Hours after leaving to pick it up, he arrived back home in the best thing since sliced bread. Oh the excitement! I couldn’t stop squealing, the children were going mad, our baby ran around shouting, it was all too much! With great joy we took off down Anzac parade headed for Gundegai. It was already 2:30; we hadn’t had lunch but we had to get going so we could get there before dark.

By the time we reached the Moore Park Supa Centre, the battle between good and evil had begun in the back, with the Evil Twin winning hands down. Truly evil, she is capable of reducing the Good Twin to tears with only a dirty look. Then the 8-year-old joined in on the dark side and we all suffered. This carried on till we were 9 miles from Gundegai when the Good Twin retaliated by unleashing a tantrum of such magnitude it shook us to our very cores. None were spared her wrath. She was terrible. She turned on her father whom she chased around the Dog on the Tuckerbox BP, and hurled the worst insults ever heard from a 6-year-old. She emerged from hell about 1/2 an hour later as we pulled into the Gundegai River Caravan Park exhausted and teary, but ultimately victorious.

We parked in the darkness (wow there are a lot of stars out here!) and got our place set up. I couldn’t get the electricity working until I discovered I was cooking with gas. We ate dinner, and all went to bed. We were tired and stressed, and then, because that wasn’t enough, we almost froze to death during the night. All this, in the comfort of our own home….

The next day, after we had figured out that the campsite’s power point was not working (no electricity, no heater), and we had another camper jump start our flat battery (left the headlights on), we set off for the wineries of Rutherglen. I found my copy of “Around the World in 80 Ways” and had a pep talk with the kids. We decided to start again from “3 – 2 – 1 – NOW!”  We all told each other how much we loved each other, and then I remembered how much I loved wine and got all excited again about our next adventure.