Kids don’t really travel alone. They travel in packs, commonly known as “families.” This means you, the parent, grandparent or guardian often listens to the whine of the wild… that goes something like this… “Are we there yet?”

Travelling with kids just got easier…

Save your sanity, enjoy the journey and turn your kids into travellers with our fantastic travel activity books.



AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 WAYS: 80 fun things to do with little travellers on long trips

Google eBook $3.99

Amazon Kindle $3.99

96 pages with illustrations

Author: Jane Tara

Publisher: Itchee Feet

        “This book is a joy to hold in my hands.” Kids Book Review

•         Hours of fun and not a single crayon needed.

•         Absolutely guaranteed to work.

•         Keep in the car glove box or tuck under your sunvisor.

•         For travel excitement across town or across the world.

•         Perfect for ESL activities.

•         Ideal in train, plane, bus, boat or car.


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