Air China to Tokyo

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We’ve booked our tickets to Tokyo. July is never a great time to fly if you’re on a budget which we are thanks to the cost of the ebook trade fair. We kept our eye out for some deals… most cheap seats went before we could get to them, and those left were on impossible routes.

We’d been watching the prices for Air China. They seemed to be the cheapest option. I’ve heard some good things about the airline recently, and we thought a stopover in Shanghai would be fun.

So we tried to book online, but the price kept jumping up $600 per ticket. We called the 2 best online agents here—both were extremely helpful, but couldn’t get the tickets on the days we wanted, and any price they gave us was also much more expensive. One ticket included changing airports, not just flights, in Shanghai. No thanks.
So we called Air China and were so impressed by how helpful they were. We were able to book and pay for the exact flights we wanted, at the price we’d originally seen. They arranged for our excess baggage (for the expo) to be put straight through to Tokyo, and threw in a free hotel for our Shanghai stay.

Will let you know how the flight goes, but so far we’re happy with Air China.