Ahhhhh nature… is there an app for that?

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I sat in a park in South Coogee today reading the iPad while 2 of our boys played. All the ingredients were there for a relaxing couple of hours—kids were happy, superb day, right temperature, wonderful park, lots of shade, not too many people… apart from one mother whose helicopter propeller annoyed the crap out of me as she hovered around her son and his friend.

“Careful Dante… Don’t climb too high on that…”

“Dante don’t touch that… It’s dirty.”

“I said don’t get your shirt dirty Dante.”

“Dante, Dante, Dante…”

And then she started on his friend.

“Will we go for a walk and you can both run? Do you like running?”

“Would you like some fruit? I like it when I see boys eating fruit.”


So, do you have an image in your mind of these kids? Toddlers right?

Nope… These boys were about ten or eleven.

So they moped around a bit. Her kid looked nervous, his friend was bored. Finally they came over to her and demanded the iPod, which she handed over. And for the next 15-minutes I sat and listened to them say things like:

“Stab him.”

“You can rip his head off.”


Eventually I’d had enough and… I took my iPad elsewhere. Seriously, what is wrong with people nowadays if they can’t just enjoy the park?