This Agreement is between you (Itchee Feet Affiliate) and ITCHEE FEET to become a member of the Itchee Feet Affiliate Program. By enrolling in this program you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions as set forth below.

  1. Enrollment into the Itchee Feet Affiliate Program
    By filling out the signup form, you will become an Itchee Feet Affiliate and be bound by the terms of this Agreement. However, ITCHEE FEET may deny your membership at its sole discretion. (to keep the integrity of what we are trying to achieve / no illegal or questionable sites will be allowed).
  2. Revocation of Itchee Feet Affiliate Status
    Your Itchee Feet Affiliate status may be suspended or terminated by ITCHEE FEET at any time for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Spamming
  • Your website includes unlawful, obscene, threatening or inappropriate content;
  • False claims or misrepresentations ;
  • Violation of intellectual property rights;
  1. Responsibilities and Payment Schedule
    The Itchee Feet Affiliate is responsible for selecting and implementing the properly formatted links and is solely responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of its site and for all materials that appear thereon. Itchee Feet Affiliates agrees and warrants that it will comply with all local, state and federal laws regarding the sending of emails (send emails wisely and do not spam). ITCHEE FEET is responsible for processing and fulfillment of all customer orders received on its website for Itchee Feet product only (not associated links through iBooks, Google or Amazon). ITCHEE FEET will pay the Itchee Feet Affiliate 25% of the online price (AUD and may include a discount and minus shipping) on every Itchee Feet book sale made via affiliate’s link. We offer 90 days cookie placement. Payments will be made monthly when over $50. ITCHEE FEET will carry over payment to the next month if payment due to the Itchee Feet Affiliate is $50.00 or less. However, full payment will be made to the affiliate by June 31st of each year, regardless of the amount due and owing at that time.
  2. Itchee Feet Affiliate Tracking When someone clicks through the Itchee Feet Affiliate’s link, a cookie is set in their browser that contains the affiliate username. Also, your IP address is tracked in the database so that when a person decides to buy an Itchee Feet product, the script will look for this cookie and/or try to match their IP address (this identifies the affiliate who will be awarded the commission). If by chance the visitor who was sent initially through your Itchee Feet Affiliate’s link makes a purchase later down the track (90 days), the commission will still be awarded (if they are using the same IP address which has been logged and the cookie is present in their browser).
  3. Relationship of the Parties
    Itchee Feet Affiliates and ITCHEE FEET have an independent contractor relationship. That means that nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship between the two parties involved. Itchee Feet Affiliates will have no authority to make or accept any offers or make any agreements or representations on behalf of ITCHEE FEET.
  4. Termination of the Agreement
    The terms and conditions of this Agreement will begin upon your signup with the Itchee Feet Affiliates Program and will end when the Itchee Feet Affiliate account is terminated. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice, without cause, via email.
  5. Indemnification and Liabilty
    Itchee Feet Affiliates will indemnify and hold ITCHEE FEET harmless from any and all legal actions, damages or liabilities incurred from the normal operations of the Itchee Feet affiliate. ITCHEE FEET will not be liable for exemplary damages arising from or relating to any provision of this Agreement including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, revenue, loss of business information or data, hardware /software failure or business interruption or any other loss. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ITCHEE FEET total liability arising from this Agreement will not exceed the total fees paid or payable to the Itchee Feet Affiliate pursuant to this Agreement.
  6. Disclaimer of the Parties
    ITCHEE FEET will not be liable for any indirect or accidental damages resulting from Itchee Feet Affiliate’s loss of database files, tracking failures, and any results of “intents of harm” to the program or ITCHEE FEET website. ITCHEE FEET makes no warranties with respect to the affiliate’s program and Itchee Feet products sold on its website or that the operation of the Itchee Feet Affiliate program and ITCHEE FEET website will be error-free or without interruptions.
  7. Jurisdication and Governing Law
    This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. If there is a legal dispute that arises between the parties then the parties involved will agree to take the dispute before mediation /arbitration in NSW.

By filling out the signup form you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions above for the Itchee Feet Affiliates Program, and understand, and agree with them. This information is required by law and is to ensure a good relationship.