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A Fun-packed Book to Keep you Amused

If you’re always moaning that you’re bored on long journeys then make sure you get a copy of Around the World In 80 Ways from itcheefeet.

The thing we liked about it is it gets you talking and using your imagination whilst thinking about the world around you, which might not sound like fun when you’re wanting to play on your PSP but you should honestly give it a go! You’ll be surprised.


It has lots of ideas to get you having some fun conversations, such as what will the world be like in a hundred years time, and what will travel be like then, or what country and time period would you visit in a time machine. It encourages you to imagine being a different character or animal, act out all kinds of emotions, look out of the window and talk about what you see…it even brings maths and languages into the games.

I especially liked it because it helps you think of new ways of looking at things on your travels, as well as to try new things, like setting yourself a physical challenge, or eat something you’ve never tried before. It even makes you think about the kind of qualities a traveller should have, or you would like – from curious and courageous, to stubborn and fearless!

It’s full of facts too, so it helps test your knowledge and teaches you too.

Around the World in 80 Ways is a really fun book, and it definitely helps pass the time. So much so that, like a quote by author T.S. Eliot in the book says: “The journey not the arrival matters.” Something to think about next time you want to ask: “Are we nearly there yet?!”

For more where that came from, check out Itchee Feet’s website to discover stories,  guides, games and apps for on the move.

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