Welcome 2011!

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Rain, rain, go away! Like many Australians, I feel awful complaining about the rain. The floods have affected 200,000 people over an area larger than France and Germany combined. My Christmas has been a wonderful adventure in comparison to the countless families who have lost everything.

Our Itchee Feet road trip took us as far north as Caloundra, where we bunkered down for a week and thought about building an arc. Fortunately kids are resilient creatures, so found plenty of ways to amuse themselves. And seeing as you get wet anyway when you go swimming, we continued swimming in the rain.

I would’ve blogged while I was up there, but my computer died. Sob!

Returning south, we stopped in Brisbane and spent a couple of days watching the waters rise under the house. I repacked the car there, and made sure our precious books were wrapped in plastic as water was even getting into the boot of the car. A total waste of time as it turned out, because I later had to unpack it all again, in the rain, to get to the spare tyre.

What’s an Aussie road trip without a flat tyre?

So there I was, in the pouring rain, with a car full of kids and crap (okay, Christmas presents… but at that point…), changing a tyre (yes, I am that capable)… and wishing, as one does, for a handsome unicycle rider to turn up and check that the newly fitted tyre was in fact safe. And guess what???? Ask and you shall receive. All of a sudden a handsome unicycle rider (a present from his sister apparently) appeared and not only checked my tyre, but complimented me on a job well done.

I felt much safer continuing the journey knowing that a unicycle rider had first done a tyre check.

We spent a night in Tallebudgera. (We meaning me, Dom and the kids… not me and the unicycle rider…) Our friend Ruby has a fabulous house overlooking the valley. We’re not only blessed to have Ruby supporting Itchee, Feet but her and her husband Nick are one of those rare couples who didn’t flinch at the idea of having us stay with our four boys, known collectively and aptly as RIOT. Most people offer to put us all up for a coffee. Few people invite us to stay.

We are now in East Ballina, not far (but far enough) from Byron Bay. The rain has stopped. The guys at Lightforce in Byron resuscitated my Mac. RIOT is running riot, and so far 2011 has been about sand, surf, love and laughter…

Happy New Year to everyone who has supported Itchee Feet as it got up and running (no pun intended). We look forward to sharing wonderful adventures with you all in the year to come.