A different type of travel bug

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Let me set the scene for you: 2am, horrendously hot, a hotel in Japan. My toddler woke, vomited all over the floor, the walls, my bed and, because none of that was enough, he vomited all over me. I haven’t seen that much vomit since my 21st birthday party. The whole event should’ve been filmed and afterwards shown to teenagers to encourage them to wear condoms. Seeing this in advance would’ve put me off having kids.

Carry a couple of packs of electrolytes in your luggage, just in case. It’s important to keep the body hydrated. If you’re somewhere reasonably civilized and diarrhea hits, ask for some corn flour. A spoon full of cornflour in an inch of water helps settle the stomach—a word of advice, don’t carry your own when you travel. It’s difficult explaining the small bag of cornflour as you go through customs. 🙂