5 family-friendly places to eat in Siem Reap, on a budget


One of the biggest challenges during our Southeast Asian Travel Challenge was sticking to a budget when feeding the kids. THE BOYS ATE SO MUCH! Also, our family has a few requirements. Clearly we want clean when travelling, with good cheap food, but we also need vegetarian options. We were spoilt for choice in Siem Reap. Even on our budget we were able to eat well. Here are five places to take the kids:

Lim Kim Cheng is our top recommendation for a great budget meal.
  1. Lim Kim Cheng on street 9 around the old market (parallel to Pub Street). Great Khmer food and lots of it, and beer, usually coming in well under $20 for the six of us. Lots of vegetarian options for the veggie members of our family. We ate here a few times we liked it so much.
  2. The Angkor Night Market is a fantastic place to start. Cheap street food, stalls and lots to see. This is one place families on a budget will return to.
  3. Peace Café is a lovely, relaxed vegetarian café. Great food and an oasis in an often hectic town. Holds yoga classes as well.
  4. Khmer Chef on Sivutha Bld: On one side is a Thai/Khmer restaurant and next to it is an Indian restaurant. Same owner, so we ordered from both restaurants. The food is great; although our evening here was ruined by sitting outside and having kids screech and complain because crickets were attacking them. Sit inside and you’ll be fine. Best mango lassi in Siem Reap.
  5. If your kids feel the need for something other than noodles try the Jungle Burger Bar on Street 26. We shared a few pizzas, had a few beers and shot a few games of pool with our sons. It was a great night. The pizza wasn’t the best pizza, but it was okay. It was the service that was wonderful. Best service we had in Siem Reap. Yes you can get much cheaper meals in Siem Reap… But we had such a great evening with the kids here. We’d definitely return.
We were there early, so had the pool table to ourselves.
We were there early, so had the pool table to ourselves.