47 Ronin feedback

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We're getting more feedback from teachers and students at international schools in Tokyo--Itchee Feet's Japan book, The 47 Ronin is a must read!

The 47 Ronin is totally awesome.

After i read the book I couldn't help but pretend there were arrows aimed towards me and I was ducking them.

I was so into it that I couldn't stop reading the book and I even got into trouble from my Mom.

You are a really great author!

Bella is just like me. She's a teacher's pet and so am I.

I can't wait for the next book.

Can you promise to let me know when the next one comes out?

I may faint in awe!

Just telling you the book was awesome!

Felicia (Grade 2) 


I thoroughly enjoyed the Ronin, you kept the pace and excitement going, along with nice historical tidbits, and I liked the characters and relationship you had between the two siblings.

G. Dale, Writer and Performing Arts Teacher, Tokyo