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Expat fiction for kids: The Daisy Diaries
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Itchee Feet’s exciting fiction range is perfect for TCKs, expats and global nomads. As The Expat Magazine Malaysia said, “The Feet family and their various adventures are set to become bestsellers among expat... Read More

Take your kids travelling for $9.99
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Final boarding call for young adventurers! Join Bella and Burton Feet as they tour the globe. Bella & Burton Feet don’t go looking for trouble … but it always finds them. Follow the expat... Read More

Very exciting Itchee News
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It’s December 1 and you know what that means, right? Okay, unless you’re psychic you don’t know what it means, so I’ll tell you. Itchee Feet can now be found in-flight on VIRGIN... Read More

Welcome to our new-look site
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We’ve been offline for a while. Overhauling a website and business is rather like renovating a house. You tell everyone it will be two weeks, everyone knows it will be six weeks, but... Read More

You've missed the Christmas post! Holidays have just begun and you are still in time to enjoy our books. Order now.